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6 Simple Tips To Drink Enough Water This Year

6 Simple Tips To Drink Enough Water This Year

February 28, 22

Looking to drink more water this year? You’re not alone—more and more people are trying to get enough water into their day, only to come up dry!

We want to drink more water for lots of reasons: clearer skin, easier digestion, fewer cravings. (Not to mention lower blood pressure[1], better mobility, happier kidneys, and increased energy[2]; the ripple effects of good hydration go on and on!)

Do you know how much water you actually need? Hint: it’s not always eight glasses! While medical experts go back and forth, most recommend between 11  and 15 glasses of water a day, depending on your activity level[3].

Crushing those hydration goals (the smart way)

When you’re well-hydrated, everything feels better. So why is it so hard to actually stay consistent? Even the most dedicated among us still need to go the extra mile to stay properly hydrated.

So how can you buckle down and smash those hydration goals in 2022? We have a few ideas to get you started.

Set specific goals

This one may seem obvious at first: to accomplish a goal, you have to have a goal first, right?

Vague goals—like “I’ll drink more water this year”—are destined to fail. You need a goal that is specific, strategic, and easy to measure. Aim for a SMART goal (smart, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timebound).

It’s the difference between “I’ll drink more water” and “I’m going to drink 32 ounces of water a day.”

Our suggestion: start small, and build up one glass at a time.

Add a little ✨ spice ✨

Some people just can’t stand the taste of the water that comes out of their tap. It’s not hard to see why: water straight from the faucet can have some pretty unsavory stuff, including heavy metals, plastic particulates, and bacteria. Thankfully, you don’t just have to grin and bear it!

Water filters can also be a huge help in this arena. The LifeStraw Home Water Filter Pitcher contains an activated carbon and ion exchange filter to noticeably improve the taste of tap (not to mention filtering out more than 30 contaminants, including PFAS and microplastics!)

If you can’t stand the taste of plain ol’ water, there’s nothing wrong with adding in some special ingredients to make it more palatable. Try adding a spritz of lemon, fresh fruit, or even some flavoring drops to entice you to sip throughout the day.

Connect it with your routine 

We already have tasks in our schedule that we complete every day; why not add drinking a glass of water to that daily task while you’re at it?

This looks different to everyone. Start each meal with a glass of water or bookend your day by drinking a glass of water before bed and after waking up. You can even challenge yourself to drink a glass of water after every cup of coffee!

Carving out time in your routine for water is crucial, especially if you’re not already in the habit of sipping throughout the day.

Set reminders on your favorite gadgets

Some of us are struggling to keep a glass of water nearby throughout the day, but what do we have on us all that time? That’s right: our tech. Smartphones, fitness watches, and laptops can all help us stay on top of our goals.

Some of the ways you can use tech for your hydration goals include:

  • Setting timed notifications via your favorite food tracking or fitness app
  • Pinning digital notes to your phone or a computer background that’s always in view
  • Planning “meeting reminders” in your calendar that ping when it’s time to drink

Get a reusable straw

Straws get a bad rap these days. Don’t get us wrong: those plastic single-use straws? Gross. But as it turns out, those reusable straws help more than just the turtles.

Ever wonder why they give you straws when you order a cocktail at the bar? As it turns out, drinking through a straw actually leads you to drink more at a time than you would if you were just sipping[4]. And this doesn’t just apply to alcohol! If you struggle to keep up with your goals by sipping all day, drinking your water through a reusable straw can help you subconsciously drink more at a time without any extra effort.

Invest in a fun water bottle! 

Let’s admit it: those disposable plastic water bottles just aren’t exciting.

If you want to engrain your hydration habits on a personal level, then you need a personal water bottle. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more on a water bottle that you’ll actually enjoy having around! You can customize your water bottle in many different ways, including:

  • Color (whether you like a sleek black or a neon hue, match your mood!)
  • Material (stainless steel, plastic, etc)
  • Size (eight ounces to a full liter!)
  • Shape (handles, cupholder-friendly bottoms, tall and skinny vs. short and wide)
  • Filtration (like our LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles that keep your water tasting fresh) 

Cheers to 2022!

Hydration is a lifelong habit, so every sip makes a difference. Drinking more water can lead to better diet choices, better energy, and overall, just feeling better in your own body.

Now it’s time to dive in yourself! Could drinking more water help you smash your other 2022 goals this year? We think you’ll find it’s more than just a current trend.

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