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meet the team

Meet the team


  • Alison Hill

    Alison Hill

  • Tara Lundy

    Tara Lundy

    Chief Brand Officer
  • Dan Luperisbeck

    Dan Luperisbeck

  • Ting Ting Cheng

    Ting Ting Cheng

    Vice President of Product
  • Zack Bloodworth

    Zack Bloodworth

    VP Production & Operations
  • Heather Pratt

    Heather Pratt

    Corporate General Counsel
  • Violet Ngunjiri

    Violet Ngunjiri

    Head of Global Give Back
  • Evans Bwina

    Evans Bwina

  • Le Cao

    Le Cao

    Laboratory Manager
  • Saurabh Chhabra

    Saurabh Chhabra

    Head of Institutional Sales
  • KyuBeom Choi

    KyuBeom Choi

    Quality Lead
  • Juan Marcelino

    Juan Marcelino

    Sr National Account Manager, Outdoor
  • Jean-Luc Madier

    Jean-Luc Madier

    Director of engineering
  • Matt Blake

    Matt Blake

    Product Engineer
  • Aaron Cupps

    Aaron Cupps

    Customer Experience Manager
  • Josh Fogerlie

    Josh Fogerlie

    National Account Manager, Amazon
  • Julianne Aketch Ochieng

    Julianne Aketch Ochieng

    Logistics & Administration Assistant
  • Rachel Dixon

    Rachel Dixon

    Senior Product Manager
  • Joe Dizon

    Joe Dizon

    Director of Finance
  • Tham Duong

    Tham Duong

    Senior Microbiology Researcher
  • Collins Epereje Otwane

    Collins Epereje Otwane

    Area Sales Manager - Africa Institutional Business
  • Jayson Hudgins

    Jayson Hudgins

    Sr. Global Warehouse & Fulfillment Manager
  • Le Thi Huyen

    Le Thi Huyen

    Lab Technician
  • Gil Devleeshouver

    Gil Devleeshouver

    Director of International Sales
  • Eugenia Martin

    Eugenia Martin

    Head of direct-to-consumer
  • Rebecca Masoni Mulamba

    Rebecca Masoni Mulamba

    Area Coordinator - Bungoma Area
  • Ednah Musungu

    Ednah Musungu

  • Carrol Ngutu

    Carrol Ngutu

    Finance & Administrative Manager
  • Chung Quang Nguyen

    Chung Quang Nguyen

    Product Validation & Engineering Manager
  • Trung Duc Nguyen

    Trung Duc Nguyen

    Quality Control Coordinator
  • Huong Thanh Nguyen

    Huong Thanh Nguyen

    Senior Engineer
  • Minh Thi Nguyen

    Minh Thi Nguyen

    Testing Coordinator
  • Thoa Ngoc  Thi

    Thoa Ngoc  Thi

    Lab Technician
  • Beatrice O. Omolo

    Beatrice O. Omolo

    Human Resources & Administrative Manager
  • Nancy Ogada

    Nancy Ogada

    Program Manager
  • Daniel Okombe Olubero

    Daniel Okombe Olubero

    Program Lead
  • K. Sri R. Kumar

    K. Sri R. Kumar

    Senior Logistics Specialist
  • Emily Rizo

    Emily Rizo

    Director of Content & Partnerships
  • Abhishek Rustagi

    Abhishek Rustagi

    Area Manager
  • Jenn  Shiflett

    Jenn Shiflett

    Senior Product Manager
  • Alara Tezel

    Alara Tezel

    Sales Coordinator
  • Thuy Tran

    Thuy Tran

    Lab Researcher
  • Toan Vu

    Toan Vu

    Quality Manager
  • Jenny Walmsley

    Jenny Walmsley

    Creative Lead
  • Andrew Ries

    Andrew Ries

    Demand Planning Lead
  • Caché Spencer

    Caché Spencer

    Supply Planner
  • Jordan Thompson

    Jordan Thompson

    Accounting Manager
  • Esmeralda Samudio

    Esmeralda Samudio

    Marketing Coordinator
  • Sean Mihaly

    Sean Mihaly

    Financial Analyst

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Meet the team


Meet LifeStraw’s founder, Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen. In the early 1990’s Mikkel took over his family’s textile business, Vestergaard and shifted its focus towards innovating for disease prevention and treatment to improve global health outcomes. Under his leadership, Vestergaard developed life-saving products to combat disease and malnutrition including PermaNet, a long lasting insecticide treated net for malaria prevention. Today, nearly 1 billion nets have been distributed, which have helped to reduce global malaria deaths by more than half. Under Mikkel’s leadership, LifeStraw was borne of a partnership that the company forged with the Carter Center to eradicate Guinea worm disease in 1994. Since then, LifeStraw has provided over 39 million Guinea worm filters to support eradication and in 2021, there were only 14 cases in 4 countries. In 2005, the original LifeStraw was borne, and in 2011 LifeStraw became a retail-focused company. In 2020, Mikkel stepped away from day-to-day leadership of the company to focus on growth of additional impact focused companies. Mikkel remains a fixture on the LifeStraw Board. Mikkel continues to be widely recognized as one of the first and continuing humanitarian entrepreneurs. In 2014, he launched Sceye, a material science company that builds and operates a new generation of high-altitude platform stations (HAPS). Sceye’s impact could be transformational, with the potential to provide universal and equitable broadband access, improve climate change monitoring, and rapidly detect and respond to natural disasters.


  • Bill Burns

    Bill Burns is Chairman of the Board for LifeStraw and Vestergaard. Bill has more than 40 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, including 23 years at Roche Pharmaceuticals and as their CEO from 2001 to 2009. Over the past decade, Bill has held numerous board positions including F. Hoffmann La Roche, Chugai Pharmaceuticals, Genentech, Shire PLC and Biotie. Bill was a Governor on the board of Welcome Trust from 2016-2020 and continues as a trustee of the Institute of Cancer Research. He also currently serves as the chairman of the board of directors for both Molecular Partners, and the vice chairman of Mesoblast. Bill is a member of the Novo Holdings Advisory Group and of HealthCare Royalty Partners, and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Center for Integrated Oncology of the Universities of Cologne/Bonn/Aachen/Dusseldorf.

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  • Ambassador Josette Sheeran

    Ambassador Josette Sheeran is a global economic and humanitarian diplomat and leader. Currently, she serves as President and CEO of Asia Society and is the United Nations Special Envoy for Haiti. Previously, Josette was Vice Chair of the World Economic Forum and Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Program. She also served as United States Under Secretary for Economic, Business, and Agricultural Affairs, and as a deputy U.S. Trade Representative and Ambassador. She has represented the United States at high-level bilateral and multilateral meetings and has contributed as a member of numerous boards of directors. In 2011, Forbes named her the world’s 30th most powerful woman.

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  • Peter Piot

    Peter Piot is a physician and microbiologist known for his research on Ebola and AIDS. He helped discover the Ebola virus in 1976 and was part of the team that investigated the first ever recorded epidemic in Zaire that same year. Peter has contributed greatly to science’s understanding of HIV infection in Africa. He played a key role in ensuring access to life saving antiretroviral drugs in low- and middle-income countries while Executive Director of UNAIDS and Under Secretary General of the United Nations. Currently Peter is Director of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Many of you met him during the COVID updates as he as lead much of the global response work for COVID. He received numerous awards, was a 2014 TIME Person of the Year, and has authored 17 books, including his memoir No Time to Lose, and over 600 scientific articles. There are loads and loads of video interviews and articles with Peter out there so dive in for more.

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  • Ido Leffler

    Ido Leffler is an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor. He is the co-founder of successful companies developed with a social mission, including Yoobi, Yes To Inc., Cheeky, Brandless, and Beach House Group. Ido is co-author of Get Big Fast and Do More Good: Start Your Business, Make It Huge, and Change the World, a guide to entrepreneurship and brand-building. He is an investor in and advisor for a wide variety of startups and established companies, and serves on the board of directors for Spark New Zealand. Ido was named by Fast Company as one of the most creative people in business and by Australian Unlimited as one of the top 50 Achieving Australians outside of Australia.

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  • Michael Francis

    Michael Francis is a seasoned corporate executive, entrepreneur, business adviser, investor and marketing and communications expert. Michael was the CMO for Target for 25 years and Chief Global Brand Officer for Dreamworks Animation for 3 years. He is the founder and CEO of Fairview Associates; a strategic investment and consulting firm focused on brand creation and retail activation. Farview Associates has worked with a number of high-profile celebrities, designers and Fortune 50 companies. Advertising Age named Francis as one of the world’s top marketers and both Business Week and Fast Company have listed him as a top global innovator.

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