LifeStraw's Give Back program

For every product purchased, a child in need receives safe water for an entire year.

How it works

For every 500 products we sell, we distribute a LifeStraw Community purifier to a school in need which provides safe water to 100 school children for a period of five years. Put another way, one purchase of any LifeStraw product provides a year of safe water to a child in need, five purchases provide that child with safe water for the next five years. Read more below about how we do so much more than just provide water purifiers.

We manage and implement the entire program

We don’t just donate filters to another charity; LifeStraw operates the entire program. We are uniquely involved in every aspect from planning and school selection, to training, education and follow-up. We employ over 40 fulltime local staff who work to ensure transparency, sustainability and program quality.

We’re not a one-for-one and there’s a reason

We don‘t provide the same product that was purchased through retail; rather, our programs utilize products specifically designed for the context in which they will be used.

Minimum 5 year commitment in every school

We provide on-site education, training and year-round support to build relationships with our schools and communities, and commit of minimum of five years of support to every school. After five years, we renew our commitment to the same schools with new technology, training and support unless those schools have gained access to safe water.

We hire local

LifeStraw employs over 40 full-time local staff to implement our Kenyan program. Our staff are from the local areas in which they work, establishing long-term relationships with local communities. We deliver all our trainings and education in local languages and provide year-round follow-up and support. Our programs also work closely with local stakeholders including Ministries of Health and Education.

Data collection & transparency

We manage more than 10,000 purifiers in thousands of schools. Each and every product is barcoded, tracked and reported on through our mobile data collection platform. We keep real time data on the schools we support, their location and population figures so we can track our impact down to every single kid, even when it’s in the millions. We also collect information on program outcomes, and continuously collect feedback from school leaders and teachers.

Your Purchase Has Global Impact.
By end of 2021, the LifeStraw Give Back Program will reach:


Kids with 1 year of safe water




LifeStraw Community Filters delivered

20,000 +

Follow up visits