Our work with like-minded organizations

The LifeStraw Program Development Team works with Corporate partners to provide safe water to communities around the world. All programs include a focus on data and transparency as well as comprehensive, education, follow-up and ensuring sustainability. An added focus on many of our partnerships are combining components of environmental conservation with the provision of safe water.



This program is expanding vital services and ensuring livelihood development for the Masaai people who have coexisted with wildlife in the Masaai Mara region for millennia and are critical to preserving and protecting the human-wildlife and nature ecosystem of the region. Primary school children are particularly vulnerable to waterborne disease in these communities because of the overwhelming amount of wildlife that overlap with drinking water sources and cause contamination.


LifeStraw’s partnership with Jaguar Land Rover and ClimateCare is a 5 year commitment to reach 300,000 school children with access to safe water in some of the hardest-to-reach areas of rural western Kenya. The program reaches vulnerable communities suffering from land rights conflicts in Cheptains sub-county, and 3 other sub-counties in the region. Many of the rural schools in this region are attended by school children living in some of the most vulnerable small holder farm communities in Kenya.