At LifeStraw, we fight for people and planet and are committed to ensuring the outdoors becomes an inclusive space. For far too long, the great outdoors has been a space consumed by privilege, often accessible to only wealthy, white, able-bodied folks. We have and will continue to advocate for and amplify a diverse set of voices that call out intersectional environmentalism and fight for diversity in the outdoors.


Internal commitments

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion aligns with our values of people and respect and is reflected in our Code of Conduct. Diversity and inclusion are integrated at the highest levels at LifeStraw and initiatives are applicable, but not limited to our practices and policies which include recruitment and selection; professional development and training; and the ongoing development of a work environment built on the premise of equity.

Standing against racism

On June 1, LifeStraw posted a public blog statement in solidarity with calls for social and racial justice and it has remained live HERE along with a statement on the front page of our website with a link to the blog that reads: We Must Stand Against Racism, We Must Stand Together. Most recently, after the events of January 6th, we added to our statement recognizing the What we saw was also a painful example of a system of white supremacy that seeks to uphold power, and a mob that exercised the knowledge that because of their whiteness, they would be let in, they would be allowed to trash offices, stand in our most sacred rooms of government, take selfies with law enforcement, brandish weapons, and then be merely escorted out. What we saw was a response that further highlights the systemic racism ingrained in our systems and that justice is not applied equally in this country. In 2020 we collaborated with @diversify.vanlife and @denishaspeaks to host an anti-racism workshop & blog.


We believe our marketing content must be aligned with our social values as a company, meaning that it reflects the diversity of color, background, language, origin, sexual identity, ability and body type that we want our inclusive outdoor playground to be.